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Mis à jour : 24 août 2018

It was an honour to be invited as a youth representative at the first edition of the Transition Monaco Forum on June 26 and 27! Many thanks to Lionel Lemaux !!! Very excited that Youth for Blue will join next year’s edition and debates on educating future generations.

Lionel Lemaux, co-founder of the Monaco Transition Forum, invites Youth for Blue to come back to Monaco in June 2019 and report back on our progress over the

coming year.

Highlights from the Transition Monaco Forum:

Nearly 500 participants and over 100 speakers from 43 countries — including government and business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, top experts, and members of civil society — gathered on June 26 and 27 in Monaco to debate the theme “reinventing business models” to combine economic viability and sustainability.

H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Chair of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sustainability and Legacy Commission and Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and C40 Cities Chair, announced a unique global partnership

between the IOC and C40 to organize sustainable Olympic Games.

Richard Attias, Executive Chairman of Richard Attias & Associates, which organized the Forum, committed to making events organized by his company more sustainable:

“We commit to reinforcing practical and technical solutions to reduce the ecological footprint

of our events. In addition, we have decided to compensate financially the carbon emissions in

partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation,” said Attias.

• Speakers agreed that EDUCATING FUTURE GENERATIONS is critical. 3.8 billion people around the world are below the age of 35. We need to show them positive examples of

solutions that work and empower them to take ownership of their future.

“We must inspire children to make lasting change,” said Gunter Pauli, businessman and

renowned author of the Blue Economy. “We need to work with what the Earth is already

producing—we cannot expect the Earth to produce more,” he added.

FINANCING is one of the biggest roadblocks to scaling innovation. But, investors and top experts agreed that investing in the green economy is profitable. Alzbeta Klein, Director and Global Head of Climate Business for IFC, the third largest issuer of green bonds in the world, said: “Green is profitable. Every year, the world invests $300 billion in

renewable energies, because there are proven returns.”

You can watch the VIDEOS OF THE PLENARY AND THE INTERVIEWS showcasing all the different sessions that made this forum such a success.

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