Growing up along the coast of Southern California just turned me into a water baby. It was there where my journey and love for the ocean began.


My first dive experience was amazing. I was 8 years old when I put a scuba gear for the first time and was able to breath underwater. I was fascinated by how quiet it gets beneath the waves and what a special world it is down there.

Sarah Bensouda, Founder of Y4B

Diving has made me passionate about science and conservation. When you see the beauty of underwater life or a manta ray gliding through the water how could you not want to protect that? and how could you not want to preserve that for future generations?

There's so much to explore. After spending 10 wonderful years in France and Morocco, enjoying he north-western Atlantic coast of Africa and the Mediterranean Sea, I am living now in Boston, Massachusetts where I study Environmental science and finance. It is a great place to be to get involved, work with others, and learn from each other.


Young people have the power to change the world!! My hope is that we can inspire people to discover and care about the ocean as well as transform their appreciation of our blue planet.

My name is Sarah and I am the founder of Youth For Blue.


Elias Bensouda, Co-founder of Y4B

As one of the youngest PADI certified master scuba divers, I always thought of the ocean as my playground. So, when my sister Sarah started Youth for Blue to inspire others to discover the ocean and protect it, I had to join her in her mission.


While it is true that our generation can do more to protect the ocean, we at Youth for Blue, also believe that innovative technologies can also contribute to sourcing from the oceans sustainable biomarine resources for food, energy, health, and many other purposes. Today, we can take advantage of technologies developed around artificial intelligence, sensors, and data capture to learn more about our ocean ecosystems.

Together, we can push the limits of mathematics, science, and technology to transition to a more sustainable economy and address future environmental issues.


So, let’s get into action!!

Elias Bensouda

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