The definition of ocean conservation is literally to protect and conserve the ocean. The four biggest threats to the ocean are: overfishing, pollution, coastal development, and global warming. So, I’m going to break those down one by one so you know exactly what they are.


Overfishing is just that, over fishing. Fish are a finite resource. It’s so hard for the fish stocks to catch up and reproduce in time for us to go out and catch more fish.


Coastal development is the building of buildings such as hotels and beach resorts and houses and restaurants. So, the reason that that’s a threat to the ocean environment is because the sewage that comes from hotels often runs directly into the ocean and sea, polluting the beaches and the ocean surrounding the area.

Global warming is the rise in global sea temperatures and it’s the greatest threat to the ocean environment. Most of the animals in the ocean are timed to a clock that specifically goes with the changing of the seasons, which means that when sea temperatures rise or lower; according to the seasonal change, they migrate or move to a different place to have babies or to feed in different areas, but when the sea temperatures rise then it just throws them off because one area might be warmer than it normally would and that particular food source may not be there.


Pollution is probably the most obvious threat to the oceans, because oil spills and sewage just mess with the water quality and the creatures that live there. Also, trash and garbage cover many of the oceans and beaches which interfere with animals’ lifestyles and their food habits.


Now, where ocean conservation comes into play… What we need to do to protect the oceans is five simple things:

  • One: Don’t over fish.

  • Two: Eat less fish to lower the demand for fish worldwide.

  • Three: Lower the demand for coastal development.

  • Four: Do all that you can to reduce global warming by lowering your carbon emissions and that can be just as simple as riding your bike to the store instead of driving your car.

  • Five: Don’t litter and don’t throw your trash on the beach or just anywhere, because it’s not pretty, it’s not fun and it’s not good for the environment.


Ocean conservation should be important to all of us in order to enjoy the amazing ocean environment for years to come.


In order for this to happen, we must be aware of the ocean environment today, because we’re not aware of it and we don’t know how to protect it then it won’t be there in the future for us to protect.


Let’s start today!!

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